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The Repair Café

About The Repair Café – Austin/Dripping Springs

History: The Repair Café International Foundation

The Repair Café concept arose in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2009, and was formulated by Martine Postma, at the time a journalist and publicist. In 2010, she started the Repair Café International Foundation (see This foundation provides professional support to local groups around the world wishing to start their own Repair Café, such as the Repair Café – Austin/Dripping Springs. The foundation supports the Repair Café at Sententia Vera Cultural Hub.

The Fixer Movement is a mix of Maker and DIY

Join the inspiring Fixer Movement, where creativity meets sustainability in a harmonious blend of Maker and DIY spirit!

Embracing repair as the fourth pillar of environmentalism, after Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, this vibrant culture is intertwined with the DIY phenomenon, the Maker Movement, and the Collaborative Culture. Say goodbye to the norm of discarding things and embrace the mantra: “Toss it away? No way!”

In the heart of the Fixer Culture lies the essence of shared learning and the collective pooling of knowledge. It’s a movement that empowers individuals through autonomy and fosters intergenerational exchange. Let’s come together to make a positive impact, turning every fix into a celebration of creativity and environmental responsibility. Join us on this exciting journey of making a difference – one repair at a time!

All Volunteers – Maestro Repairers + Fix-It Students MUST COMPLETE 2 Forms to Participate in The Repair Café

Please read the House Rules Form thoroughly and email the signed form to Sententia Vera, LLC.

The RepairMonitor Form is the registration form that will notify us that you have a Fix-It Project and need to be matched with a Maestro Repairer to learn about a possible repair.

Button links to the forms are below. Email completed forms to

Once a match is made, we will connect the Maestro Repairer with the Fix-it Student. They will discuss the viability of the Fix-it Project and, if ready to proceed, will schedule a date/time to meet at Sententia Vera Cultural Hub to start the project. 

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The Repair MonitorCollecting data with the RepairMonitor

A registration form is utilized for each repair to gather data through the Repair Café International RepairMonitor central database. This serves the dual purpose of enhancing our own Repair Café data collection and contributing valuable insights to the global repair movement.

All information provided in the registration form is input into RepairMonitor, consolidating it into a centralized database. This database undergoes continuous analysis by Repair Café International and its partners, offering crucial insights, including:

    • Identification of frequently repaired products at Repair Cafés.
    • Determination of necessary resources for repairing these products.
    • Analysis of success and failure factors in repairs.
    • Assessment of brands known for ease of repair.
    • Identification of brands to avoid purchasing.

These insights are instrumental in Repair Café International’s engagements with manufacturers, policymakers, and consumers. The organization advocates for improved product design, better regulations, and responsible product use. The goal is to extend product lifespans, enhance repairability, and promote more sustainable consumption practices.

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