SV Culturist: an advocate of culture or of a particular method of cultivating mind or body through culture, i.e. through the beliefs, customs, arts, and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement.

Teresa Carbajal Ravet, M.A., Chief Culturist

I crossed the Texas-Mexican border as an eight-year-old girl. Since then, language and culture have been my struggle, my nemesis, and finally my passion and purpose. Straddling two languages and cultures was not an easy experience as it felt as if I was neither from there, nor from here. A border conflicting identity has been around for years, since the Mexican-American War of 1846. It is to this cultural, linguistic challenge that I have dedicated a professional career.

Sententia Vera, LLC

Sententia Vera, LLC is a Cultural Bilingual Communication and Community Development consultancy offering Latinx community outreach & engagement, bilingual content writing & editing, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training.

Sententia Vera Cultural Hub – The Hub

The Cultural Hub is a no-frills, professional, green environment equipped with the essential office spaces, equipment, and supplies. It’s a melding of a coworking space, meeting rooms, event venue, and coffee & book shop. It offers the solopreneur the flexibility to join a community of daily and monthly professionals, while the Honor System offers the coffee lover the option to self-serve and checkout at leisure. The Hub is a culturist inclusive space, you are part of a collaborative of diverse professionals and coffee aficionados caring for a space to make it collectively successful, while cultivating your mind and body.

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