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SV Culturist

An advocate of culture or of a particular method of cultivating mind + body through culture.

Sententia Vera, LLC cultivates communication and engagement between languages and cultures, initiating genuine community relationships and development.

How Can The Hub Be of Service?

Indie Bookshop + Writers Group

Sententia Vera Bookshop is a multilingual + multicultural indie bookshop offering a range of new + used books, advocating for women writers + ethnic titles by authors of color.

Brewing your sabor for cultural + ethnic titles.

Coworking Memberships + Space Reservations

The SV Cultural Hub is a no-frills, professional, green environment equipped with the essential office spaces, equipment, + supplies. It’s a melding of a coworking space, meeting rooms, event venue, + coffee shop. It offers the sociopreneur the flexibility to join a community of daily and monthly members, while the Honor System offers the coffee lover the option to self-serve and check out at leisure.

Bilingual Communication + Cultural Community Engagement

Sententia Vera, LLC fosters bilingual communication and cultural community outreach and engagement in the areas of nonprofits, social + advocacy services, Diversity, Equity, + Inclusion education, + public relations.

Teresa Carbajal Ravet, M.A. 

Chief Culturist + Owner

Teresa crossed the Texas-Mexico border as an eight-year-old girl. Since then, language and culture have been a struggle, a nemesis, and finally her passion and purpose. Straddling two languages and cultures has not been an easy experience as it feels as if one is neither from there, nor from here. The border conflicting identity has been around for years, since the Mexican-American War of 1846. It is to this cultural, linguistic challenge that Teresa has dedicated her professional career.


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