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ABOUT Teresa Carbajal Ravet, M.A.

Owner + Chief Culturist

Teresa, a native of Mexico and raised on the Texas border, experienced a formative upbringing in a bicultural and bilingual setting. The exploration of her dual identity, both personally and publicly, ignited a profound curiosity in self-realization and societal definition, amplifying her commitment to advancing advocacy for multicultural awareness and authentic engagement.

In her capacity as a cultural Spanish linguist, bilingual writer, educator, organizer, and the visionary behind two entrepreneurial ventures—Sententia Vera, LLC and Sententia Vera Cultural Hub—Teresa exemplifies an impressive fusion of skills and leadership. Her academic journey is marked by notable achievements, including a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language and Linguistics with a minor in Latin American History and a Master of Arts in Modern Languages with a specialization in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from Texas A&M University, College Station.
Having immigrated to the United States at a young age, Teresa embarked on a journey punctuated by significant milestones, including being a first-generation college student, attaining undergraduate and graduate degrees, and successfully establishing two businesses. Her professional trajectory and unwavering advocacy commitment have provided her invaluable opportunities to engage, share insights, and educate others about the multicultural experience, instilling genuine interest and awareness in global cultures, languages, and diverse perspectives.
Presently serving as the owner of Sententia Vera, LLC, where she holds the distinguished role of Chief Culturist, Teresa actively promotes bilingual communication and fosters cultural community relations in the spheres of nonprofits, social services, education, and marketing. In 2017, she introduced the Sententia Vera Cultural Hub, a collaborative community venue designed to nurture sociopreneurial and public service initiatives. Her proactive engagement in the community is further underscored by her past role as a board trustee for various local nonprofits, a testament to her enduring dedication to effecting positive impact.

Expertise + Skills

Resolute leader, purposefully leading by example and daring to explore new ground.

Resourceful collaborator, interacting in free association to produce appropriate, all-inclusive, innovative relationships.

Engaging bilingual speaker and writer, fostering a professional community, through inclusive outreach and equitable engagement.

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