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Cross Cultural Jam Session : Film Screening

Jul 11, 2022 | Civic Engagement, Cultural Films

The Hub hosts diverse cultural sessions that include home concerts, film screenings, panel discussions, town halls, creative conversations, etc. offering the community a culturally unique experience.


You are invited to The Hub to experience topics, ideas, music, and films from a diverse and unique perspective. Join us and brace yourself to have your mind blown away!
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Saturday, 16 July, 3:00 PM

SV Cultural Hub

4002 E. US Hwy 290, DSTX 78620

In the wake of the SCOTUS ruling overturning Roe v. Wade ending the right to abortion, ON THE DIVIDE follows the stories of three Latinx Catholics living in McAllen, Texas. These members of a border community are connected by only one unforeseen place, the last abortion clinic on the US/México border. As threats to the clinic and their personal safety mount, they are forced to make decisions they never could have imagined. This film explores how each of them balances faith and the right to reproductive services, sparking important conversations about how individuals can be Christian AND pro-choice.

Join us at The Hub on Saturday, 16 July, at 3 PM to experience personal and undoubtedly intimate stories that some of us will likely never experience directly. The film is a powerful tool to start civil conversations about how we can provide comfort and compassion for those amid their reproductive stories. Empathy and support for the reproductive justice movement are needed right now.

Film Credits: Maya Cueva, Director and Leah Galant, Director
A Fishbowl Films production in association with Giving Voice Films, Willa Productions, and Latino Public Broadcasting, and is a co-production of POV.
This event is a collaboration with POV, PBS’ award-winning nonfiction film series.

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