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The Politics & Policy Convention of the Latino Community

Dear Community Leaders,

We reiterate our invitation for you to participate in the 2012 National Latino Congreso that will take place May 17 though19 at the Arturo Velazquez Institute located at 2800 South Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60608. The objective of the National Latino Congreso (NLC) is to create an open and inclusive space to explore the policy and political agenda of Latino communities in the USA, including the international/Latin American perspective.

The upcoming National Latino Congreso in Chicago represents the first time the National Latino Congreso will take place outside of the U.S. Southwest region. This year, we will focus on three over-arching themes: Economic Justice, Immigration/Migrant Rights, and Latino Vote/Civic Engagement.  Sessions will also discuss a range of related topics such as: Youth, Education, Art, Culture, Environmental Justice, Transnationalism, Gender Equity, and Community Health and Well-being.  The national convening organizations will prepare concept papers about the central themes with the purpose of promoting dialogue and developing a set of resolutions for consideration by the Congreso participants.  Resolutions may also be presented and discussed in any of the simultaneous workshops/panel sessions.



We ask for organizations and leaders to take part in the dynamic decision making process by organizing an activity during one or more of spaces that have been designated for concurrent (simultaneous) sessions.  This activity could be a panel, workshop/discussion space, book presentation, or other activity related to the overarching themes, and cross-cutting issues of the Congreso. By hosting a concurrent session, your organization will have the opportunity to lead conversations based on the issue of your organization’s choice, take leadership, and promote activities. Concurrent sessions may last up to 90 minutes, and they will take place both in the morning and the afternoon of Friday, May 18. A panel of convening organizations and local host groups will select up to eight sessions for each of the two time slots from all the proposals that are received by the deadline.  The deadline for any submissions is April 5, 2012. For more information on organizing a concurrent session please send us an email at nlc-info@nalacc.org or call us at (877) 683-2908 ext. 7


Please support this important event by inviting your networks to participate in this engaging decision making process that will help define coordinated strategies for policies that affect the Latino Community in the United States.  Below are various ways to be part of the National Latino Congreso. Please advise us on your decision to participate by May 1, 2012.

  • Co-convener, $1000.00- Co-convening entities will receive four (4) voting delegate passes and 15 observer passes; also a 1/4 page space for use as you choose in the program (ad book).
  • Organizational Endorser, $250.00. Endorsing entities will receive one (1) voting delegate pass and 10 observer passes. Their names/logos will be displayed in the program book.  (non-profit organizations, businesses, unions, religious institutions, government offices, and networks are cordially invited to be an organizational endorser of the 2012 National Latino Congreso.)
  • Individual Observer $50, An individual with observer status will have full access to the Strategy and Plenary Sessions.  Please note, under this pass you will not receive voting privileges.
  • Student  $20, An individual with a student pass will have full access to the Strategy and Plenary Sessions.  Please note, under this pass you will not receive voting privileges.
  • Program/Ad Book Inclusion, Your organization can be included in the NLC Program book given to all participants. Full page- $400, ½ page- $250, ¼ page- $150.

Exhibit table

  • $100

 Please make checks payable to: National Alliance of Latin-American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC) 1638 S. Blue Island Chicago IL, 60608 


We need your help in making the NLC a success. If you wish to volunteer, please e-mail us at nlcinfo@nalacc.org.

We are very excited about the opportunity that the NLC represents, and know that with everyone’s contribution we will advance in uniting the Latin American immigrant community and help build a better United States for everyone.