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Ujima Magazine has invited Dulce Bread & Book Shop to join in its commitment to pay tribute to the everyday heroes of the Austin community. Through its features, Ujima Magazine profiles the local African American community, its achievements, experiences, and personalities, that make its unique character and best of all, make a real community difference. Dulce Bread & Book Shop will contribute to this mission by sharing its cultural literary treasures with Ujima’s readers. Dulce’s Cultural Reads will feature both adult and children’s cultural books by authors of color. In addition, this literary collaboration will join two cultural advocates from two diverse ethnicities, Damita Miller-Shanklin and Teresa Carbajal Ravet. With the aspiration to bring cultures together by recognizing similarities and sharing differences, Ujima and Dulce strive to create awareness of the valuable opportunities and resources within shared cultures.

collective work and responsibility

About Ujima Magazine

Founded by Damita Miller-Shanklin, Ujima is a free monthly magazine with a primary focus to bring information to Austin’s Black community through its calendar of events, community awareness and health issues, money management tips, book reviews, and food & travel tips. Ujima Magazine is distributed through area libraries and local businesses, and the list of locations continues to grow. It also has an online presence at www.ujimamagazine.com.  

Miller-Shanklin says of the partnership, “Ujima is excited to collaborate to bring our communities together through books. It will allow for growth and understanding.”



Brewing your sabor for sweet bread & books of color.

About Dulce Bread & Book Shop

Dulce Bread & Book Shop is a cultural advocate & promoter of cultural literature, authors of color, multicultural education, and cultural experiences from around the globe. Dulce provides cultural goods & services through the retailing of multicultural books, music, and film, through research & endorsement of cultural titles, knowledge of authors of color, and lastly, through the creation of cultural experiences & events. Dulce’s mission is to introduce and familiarize its community with the ethnic community of artists through cultural, artistic experiences and their ethnic flavors & aromas. Teresa Carbajal Ravet is its owner.