Sententia Vera Wish List: Your Vote of Confidence

Greetings! Sententia Vera has had an inspiring year as we reorganized and expanded our Cultural Spanish Communication and Book Selling services to Fostering Latino Community Outreach and Engagement. We are humbled and appreciate the support and loyalty of our clients, friends, family & followers. Thank You! This year we have received many diverse opportunities that [...]

17th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival | Call for Entries

Cine Las Americas invites filmmakers, producers and distributors to participate in The Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, now in its seventeenth consecutive year. The festival showcases contemporary films from Latin America (North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean) and the Iberian Peninsula. Films made by or about Latinos in the U.S. or the rest [...]

3 Reasons Why I Don’t Listen

Lately there has been a recurring topic within my conversations in various circles. Whether with family and friends, or colleagues, I have been questioned on my deficiency in listening. For obvious reasons, I immediately take a defensive position and declare that, “I do listen!” However upon further reflection, perhaps I don’t, at least not how [...]

Texas Book Festival announces Fiction Writing Contest for grades 7-12

What a great topic! Boy, do I have several stories “from the back of the truck” to share.  Unfortunately I’m a little older than 12 years old, although not by much. Anyhow, my fellow Tejanos… I am sure you have just as many stories “from the back of the truck” that are worth sharing. Take [...]