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My last professional gig with YWCA Greater Austin gave me the experience of managing the multiple areas of my professional career at once, they are, Development & Communication, plus Advocacy work in the realms of women and immigration issues. It was a busy, yet exciting and learning, year. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served such a distinguished and historic organization.

I didn’t break all ties to the organization as I value its mission to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom an dignity for all. So, I am now a volunteer. I’m helping with the website transition of its homepage and basic maintenance. Something, I’m sure, the managing team is anxiously waiting for its completion. I’m also a volunteer member to its Advocacy Committee.

Now, this website transition is testing my patience and skill in website administration. I found the technology to be cumbersome and snobbish, that is, NOT user-friendly at all, especially as it’s geared at local nonprofits with frugal budgets, that having an IT professional on staff or vendor would be a luxury.  I continue to learn about Blackbaud’s Sphere CMS while silently cursing at its every unfriendly hurdle.

Take a look at what will be the new YWCA Greater Austin homepage design and make sure to check back in a few… to visit its completed launch!

YWCA homepage update

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Independent Film | FREEHELD


Independents Days is Baker & Taylor’s exclusive DVD and Blu-ray program focusing solely on independent product. Each month a variety of independent films will be highlighted that warrant special attention. From New Release products to Catalog campaigns, each title will be priced to sell and guaranteed to be in stock.

In this month’s selection is the independent film, FREEHELD, a film about a New Jersey police lieutenant, Laurel Hester, and her registered domestic partner, Stacie Andree, both battle to secure Hester’s pension benefits when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Rated PG-13 (Parental Guidance 13+)

Starring Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Steve Carell

Release Date: February 02, 2016

Format: DVD Video, Blu-Ray

ISBN: 6316311761 / 9786316311764

UPC: 031398234814 / 00031398234814

Pre-Order Price: $29.95

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Teresa’s #AmplifyYWatx


I have volunteered for the YWCA Greater Austin for over 5 years. Its mission to eliminate racism and empower women are two of my personal values. Please join me in supporting the programs at the @YWatx that serve women and their families through counseling, teen resiliency classes, professional development and advocacy efforts.

Every dollar donated to the YWCA Greater Austin stays in Austin to empower the lives of women and their families!

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Sententia Vera Bookshop


February is Black History Month. The depth and breadth of black history is expansive, and continues to coalesce into reality every day, as artistic heights continue to be achieved, continue to be celebrated. The cultural diversity of black history is represented in our salute to Black History Month in select DVD and CD titles.

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SV Cultural Tunes


Intriguing new books for the music fan in your world include Kim Gordon, a founding member of Sonic Youth, fashion icon and role model for a generation of women, now tells her story of independence. Set against the backdrop of 1960s and 70s soul music, this unforgettable story of racial integration, black power, economic independence, music and musicians traces the rise and fall of the original Stax Records. A new portrait of Lou Reed discusses his controversial lyrics, pioneering garage sound, decades of solo work, ambiguous sexual orientation and enduring influence on generations of musicians. Victor Svorinich presents the first close critical treatment of the album that shook jazz with its electric sound and rock-influenced style.

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Sententia Vera Wish List: Your Vote of Confidence

Sententia Vera Wish List: Your Vote of Confidence


Sententia Vera has had an inspiring year as we reorganized and expanded our Cultural Spanish Communication and Book Selling services to Fostering Latino Community Outreach and Engagement. We are humbled and appreciate the support and loyalty of our Continue Reading

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