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Sententia Vera Bookshop is a multilingual + multicultural independent bookshop offering a range of new and used books, advocating for women writers and ethnic titles by authors of color. Teresa Carbajal Ravet is the owner, a Spanish linguist, chief culturist, and educator fostering communication and engagement between languages and cultures. SV Bookshop is her way of brewing your sabor for cultural titles.

* For new book orders, send an email to The Culturist with the titles, authors, and/or ISBN numbers of the new book(s) you are searching… she’ll take care of the rest.

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The Emerging Voices Writers Group comes together as a resource for local writers to meet, share, and refine their talents and interests in writing FOR THE FUN OF IT. In addition, we challenge ourselves through writing workouts, book studies, dream journaling, and storytelling – creating a resource network to share resources & contacts, help flesh & flush out writing ideas, discuss favorite authors and titles, invite literary guests, and share members’ personal writing projects. We welcome you to peruse The Culturists blog to sample our members’ creative work.

Meeting schedule includes Saturday morning writing sessions at 10 AM and every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7 PM.

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