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Austin Business Journal recognizes Teresa Carbajal Ravet

Aug 26, 2022 | About Teresa, Civic Engagement, Community Engagement, New Releases

So.., this happened.

I planned to attend the Austin Business Journal Women in Business Luncheon and purchased my ticket last week. However, 5 days ago I fell and broke my wrist. Being in pain, I am taking prescription pain medication that does not allow me to drive. So, I was debating whether to attend the luncheon and almost did not go. I have my sister, Susana, to thank for the nomination for such an honorable recognition and for motivating me to attend the luncheon.

While I was in pain from not taking my meds that morning and feeling like the little kid whose pants are twisted, undies showing, and hair disheveled, I am happy and honored to have been in a room full of women and allies who trust and support the talent, the creativity, the acumen, and the persistence, that women have for business, community, and leadership.

Let us remind ourselves, daily, of such faith, trust, and merit when women are up for leadership positions, career promotions, project collaborations, and public service.

Two key outcomes of the COVID pandemic, among many, are that women’s careers and employment were negatively impacted, and entrepreneurial ventures experienced an increase among women of color.

Last and never least, always keep top of mind that democracy is good for business. Business owners, leaders, directors, managers, etc. have to advocate for voters’ rights, register our employees to vote, and encourage, almost to the point of obligating, our employees to go vote, and to vote early. Democracy is good for business!

Thank you to the Austin Business Journal for this opportunity, thanks to Susana Carbajal for the nomination (I love you ‘mana), and congratulations to all the women finalists and winners, it is inspiring to be one among you. Together we can do better.

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