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A Third Space. We All Need One.

Jul 23, 2021 | CoWorking

Especially now. 

A Third Space is a special place other than Home, or Work, or School. Somewhere you can be yourself—a safe space away from home. 

Particularly this past year, a lot of us are missing the chance to socialize that we used to find at our church, public library, restaurants, and even our workplaces. But to be honest, it was one reason I named my business Sententia Vera Cultural Hub. These two Latin words translate as ‘true meaning’,  the sense of an authentic community that I believe is essential to all humans. 

Retired people tell me they miss their volunteer activities and joining their friends at the library.  Others choose to work at The Hub just for the chance for some brief interaction over a cup of coffee. I’ve noticed an increasing awareness about the epidemic of loneliness that’s invading our lives—and I want The Hub to be part of the solution. 

Two of Every Three Americans Report Feeling Lonely 

My family origin is from Mexico, where los paseos campestres is the tradition of strolling through the countryside in the early evening. The tradition has migrated to towns and cities in which los paseos through our neighborhoods are a  common custom. Folks stop to chat with friends and neighbors on their porches. Mexicans linger under the wide arched arcades surrounding the zócalo or plaza, enjoying the shade and perhaps an agua fresca or cerveza

Russia has a similar tradition. The progulka or stroll is an everyday activity during the warm months. Paris is renowned for its inviting sidewalk cafes where you can sit and visit for hours. 

If you’ve been in Italy, you may have been fortunate to take part in la passegiata, the time between five and eight in the evening when most of the town joins in either strolling or visiting in the plaza. Older folks may enjoy a gelato while watching the parade of parents with strollers or young people socializing. 

Join Me in Creating this Third Space Together 

My point? In American cities, suburbs, and rural communities, we are missing these chances to visit with our neighbors, enjoy a coffee under the trees, or meet a friend for a quick bite as you catch up.

Sententia Vera Cultural Hub is thrilled to be adding a Food Truck Court to our services at The Hub. This will be on the south side of the building, shaded by many live oak trees. 

Lights and picnic tables will welcome you as you enjoy a meal or snack in the fresh air —with plenty of space for careful distancing. Inside, you can choose from various local beers, cold beverages, or hot tea and coffee.

The Hub is easy to get to, perfect for the daily commuter to and from Austin and the city dwellers heading out of town for a  Texas Hill Country retreat.

This can be your Third Space, warm and welcoming where you can be yourself. I can’t wait to welcome you.

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