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Omar RosalesOmar W. Rosales, J.D., author of the month for July 2009, is an American Writer, Anthropologist, Expedition Leader, and Filmmaker best known for his book Elemental Shaman: A Journey into the Heart of Humanity, Spirituality, & Ecology (Llewellyn Publications). Rosales travels the World to profile Spiritual Masters and transmit their messages for humanity.  Famous interviewees include the Manchen Lopon of Bhutan, His Holiness, the 17th Karmapa, and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama.

“It was an amazing experience, to be able to travel around the World and meet these Spiritual Masters”, Rosales describes.

Rosales graduated with an Honors degree in Anthropology and Economics from Vanderbilt University in the late 1990s. After college, he served as a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. His assignments included two overseas tours in Japan. Rosales subsequently graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 2005.  An experienced hiker and expedition leader, Rosales currently lives in the Pacific Northwest.

2012 in the Maya Calendar: Fact or Fiction?  A Former Marine on a Spiritual Journey Brings Back the Truth! Elemental Shaman

ST. PAUL, MINN. — The End of the World. A meteor striking the Earth. Mass extinction.  December 21, 2012 has been hyped as the most defining moment of the early 21st Century. But what’s really going to happen?  Will the world really change?  Or will life go on, from one day to the next?  More importantly, what do the Maya say? Anthropologist, Filmmaker, and Former Marine Omar W. Rosales answers these questions in Elemental Shaman. Travel and adventure await the reader at every turn.

Join Rosales in his amazing journey into the vast spiritual worlds of Shamanism. Are you interested in the riddle of 2012? Find out the roots of this mystery from a Maya shaman in Guatemala. Witness an in-depth soul retrieval from a Cherokee Spirit Walker in Arizona. Discover the nearly-lost secrets of the shamanic side of Buddhism in the distant Himalayan mountain kingdom of Bhutan. And finally, find out if Rosales meets a certain beautiful, mysterious woman as predicted by a Toltec shaman from Mexico and his own dreams.

The excitement of Rosales’s journey escalates as he travels from the Southwest United States to the far corners of the world. He discovers the secrets of Sedona’s famed energy vortexes, escapes bandits, learns some of the inner secrets of Vajrayana Buddhism, visits the real Shambhala, and discovers how humanity can save the planet from environmental catastrophe. Among the amazing truths behind these four mystical shamanic traditions, you’ll discover their secrets of life after death.

The national spotlight has followed Rosales’s accounts of his journeys to Sedona, Arizona, Guatemala, Bhutan, and India to meet Spiritual Masters.  The host of the upcoming Television special Heaven in Exile, Rosales travels the world to find the most mysterious, interesting, and unexplained phenomena on the planet. Elemental Shaman is about 4 of the most powerful shamanic traditions: Toltec, Cherokee, Maya, and Buddhist; and the messages these healers have for our planet.

Some of the startling information in Elemental Shaman includes:

•              The true Meaning of 2012 in the Maya Calendar. Is it global shift, a cataclysm, or just hype?

•              His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama explains the Meaning of Life.

•              What happens when we die?

•              Where illness comes from and why there is Suffering in the world?


Elemental Shaman is the unforgettable true story of a Former Marine’s spiritual journey. This is real adventure and excitement as discovered through some of the oldest and most powerful mystical traditions and secrets on the Planet. Along the way, you’ll be brought into the inner world of various shamans and healers who practice spirituality from deeply within their consciousness. If you have ever been curious about the practices of energy manipulation, soul retrieval, altered states of consciousness, and spiritual expansion, you will learn about them here from some of the world’s true spiritual healers.

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