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Look at what I received some time ago!  An animated version of one of my all time favorite Mexican TV shows, El Chavo del Ocho starring Chespirito. Boy did this bring back fond memories of my youth and my enjoyment of the comedic adventures and travesuras (mischief) of great comedian, Roberto Gómez Bolaños.  Chespirito, as he is lovingly named, is a Mexican actor, comedian, humorist, and talented wordsmith, who continues to skillfully craft the most hilarious human interactions.

As a young girl, I fell for the Kid from the 8, an orphaned 8 year old boy, not because he was the cutest boy on the TV but because I envied his gusto, his free spirit, and his fun adventures, although mischievous.  He dared to do what I only dreamed of doing, he dared to say when I only bit my tongue, and he made the most of his unfortunate childhood when I only grumbled about mine. He was fun, he was funny!

It is amusing that the animated series based on the original TV series has come to the United States in DVD form and subtitled. This would be a fun opportunity for students of Spanish to practice their listening and comprehension skills while having a comedic time watching El Chavo and his childhood friends get into the most outrageous escapades. His best buddies and worst rivals include Quico and La Chilindrina, while each of their single parents, Doña Florinda and Don Ramón respectively, often take El Chavo under their wings to help guide him in the appropriately peculiar direction, to no avail.

For some fun hilarity I recommend watching this timeless comedic series. The 30-minute episodes will certainly make a bad day, better, a bad mood, forgotten, and enhance your Spanish facility.

Press about the Animated Series

Una de las series más exitosas de México con mucha imaginación, aventuras y diversión. Televisa y Vivendi Home Entertainment trae en DVD esta gran serie.

“El Chavo Animado” es una versión de dibujos animados basados en la serie El Chavo, la cual fue producida originalmente en los años 70 y 80 por Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”. Los episodios de El Chavo animado se basan en los episodios de la serie original e involucran a ‘El Chavo del Ocho’, ‘Quico’, ‘La Popis’, ‘Ñoño’, ‘Doña Florinda’, ‘El profesor Jirafales’, ‘Don Ramón’, ‘La Bruja del 71’ y ‘El Señor Barriga’ pasan de la vida real a la fantasía a través de las manos expertas de dibujantes, quienes les van dando forma en el papel para después transportarlos a la pantalla chica.

La serie traslada las historias tan queridas y llenas de ingenuidad y simpleza de los personajes que habitan en la vecindad más famosa de la pantalla al mundo de animación.  Tanto los personajes como los lugares que frecuentan (el patio de la vecindad, la casa de don Ramón y la casa de doña Florinda), aunque caricaturizados, son fieles a las versiones originales de la serie de TV.

DVD Details

Available: August 3, 2010

Price: $19.93

Duration: 500 min.

Language (Subtitled): Español

Genre:  Comedy 

Rating: Not Rated