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As with all things, the good and bad perspectives of cultural traditions are what led me to my professional career. It is what one does with these contrasting perspectives that create the experiences and opportunities of a lifetime. One may not necessarily know what to do with such perspectives, and would rather disregard the bad views, however, they are essential to one’s balance.

As a senior in high school and excited about graduating, I was simply happy for the opportunity to leave my mother’s home. Ready for a new experience, a new life, something different. Although, I was not sure what that would be, or should be. Just different.

Most all classmates where heading to college, in town, in state, out of state, and abroad. I figured this was my way out! I was definitely not staying in town, however knew that out of state tuition and travel abroad were out of my financial means. Therefore, an undergraduate education within the state of Texas was my key to something different.

Problem. A cultural custom created an obstacle to my plan for something different. While obtaining a college education would be valued and praised by my Mexican family, a young lady leaving the home on her own would not be easily accepted. Fear played a big role in the family’s unwillingness to support this decision. However, I left. After designing a plan with objectives and details, I left for College Station, TX to study aerospace engineering.

Why engineering? Why aerospace? It was all part of the plan and not necessarily what I enjoyed studying. On the side, fulfilling my electives requirement was my much-needed Spanish literature fix, a reading habit that kept me connected to my culture and quickly filling up my Bachelor of Science transcript with courses in humanities.

At the end of my second year as an undergraduate I had to make a difficult decision, either stop taking Spanish lit courses in order to fulfill my engineering requirements, or change majors. This was not in the plan. Moreover, what in the world would a degree in Spanish linguistics and literature get me? What would my professional career look like? Career fairs always had lawyers, doctors, engineers, firefighters, police officers, etc., but a Spanish linguist? How was I going to pay back the loans obtained thus far? Not in the plan.

Perspectives, tricky, but bursting with experiences. One must step back, breathe deeply, and contemplate all views. It is especially tough during times of doubt and inexperience. Though, how else will one gain experience? One must venture into the good and the bad, and experience all perspectives. Easier said than done. So do it! I did.

I therefore share with you a cultural opportunity. One that may take you abroad to study a foreign language and culture with the goal of obtaining a valuable experience and a worthy professional career. Step back, take a breath, and contemplate.

The Higher Institute for Linguistic and Translation Studies / Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción (Main Office, Sevilla, Spain), an entity which is staffed by a consortium of Spanish university lecturers and a large number of professional translators, presents its Academic Brief 2012-2013. The degrees offered consist of three Masters Courses:

  • XII Edition of the Master’s Degree in Translation and Linguistic Mediation in Spanish and German

Degree Qualification issued by the University of Córdoba, Spain
On-site / Off-site Learning


  • IX Edition of the Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation: Localization, Subtitling, and Dubbing:

Degree Qualification issued by the University of Cádiz, Spain
On-site / Off-site Learning


  • III Edition of the Master’s Degree in Translation and New Technologies: Software Translation and Multimedia Products

Degree Qualification issued by the Menéndez y Pelayo International University, Spain
On-site / Off-site Learning


Interested individuals and for additional information, please contact ISTRAD at the following e-mail:  postgrado@lenguasmodernas.com. ISTRAD will be pleased to send you three information dossiers concerning the set-up of each of the Masters Degrees.

Dr. Rafael López-Campos Bodineau

postgrado@lenguasmodernas.com (Principal)

Instituto Superior de Estudios Lingüísticos y Traducción www.institutotraduccion.com