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“I hired Teresa to edit my mother’s Spanish poetry book and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Teresa is a wonderful freelance editor to work with: prompt, professional, and with a sharp eye for detail. I highly recommend her.”

Mayra Calvani

“Teresa is an outstanding Spanish-English translator. She is adept at taking “company jargon” and translating it into culturally-accurate and lingo-centric language, easily understood by our target audiences. Teresa is skilled, knowledgeable and did a significant amount of research to give us the best translation possible. She performed her tasks on time, within our small budget and with the utmost professionalism.”
Stacy Erhlich
Senior Executive Non-Profit Professional and Consultant

“Teresa proved herself to be the best of community partners for Austin Community College’s Big Read program in 2010. She brought fantastic ideas, timeliness, and good cheer to all interactions; her work helped support a variety of local authors. A delight to work with.”

Charlotte Gullick
Consultant, Smarter Learning Group

“Gracias! This looks great… everything is complete.”

Andrea J. Romero, PhD.
Fitch Nesbitt Associate Professor
University of Arizona

“Teresa has a good understanding of how best to relate the message we need communicated to the audience that will be receiving it. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Beth Sikorski
Principal at FOLIO LLC

On the motivation to study a foreign language…
“Mostly I was motivated by my personal relationships/friendships with my Spanish teachers throughout Waldorf [Education]. They were always people who inspired and challenged me.”

Ian Pollard
Student at the University of Texas at Austin