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I had the fun pleasure of being in the media this past week. Last Friday I was invited to a casting call for HBO Latino Habla Texas, as well as to visit with Glo Rod of Stories of Multiple Pets on BLOGTalkRadio. Both were new experiences for me and I was excited to share with a wider audience that which drives me, languages and cultures.

HBO LatinoI anxiously await the results of the interview with HBO Latino Habla Texas. Within a couple of weeks I should know whether the producers would like to include my Latina perspective in the Texas edition of the Habla series of vignettes on the cultural diversity of Latin@s in the U.S. HBO Latino previously ran Habla vignettes with celebrities and vignettes from Latin@s in NYC and Chicago. HBO Latino Habla Texas is in the works and will prove to be a group of Latin@s even more diverse and unique than ever. Stay tuned.

My visit with Glo Rod of Stories of Multiple Pets on BLOGTalkRadio was amusing. I had never given thought to the entertainment that my adopted pets have offered my family on a daily basis. After sharing the family’s pet stories with Glo Rod and SOMP’s listeners, I was amazed by their unconditional gifts that have been given to our daily lives. Listen to some of the stories here.