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After a full day of collaborative participation and in the spirit of the highly successful ProductCamp Austin, an unconference, I am inspired to join my two companies to strengthen the mission of both and share with a wider audience. I am a culturist, therefore both companies promote and fully support multi-language acquisition and multicultural experiences through the encounter of language and literature, as well as all other forms of art.

But first, a little bit about ProductCamp, it is a participant-centered collaboration in which attendees volunteer to organize, teach, share, present, and moderate the unconference in order to be able to offer itself for FREE to product management and marketing professionals! To boot, the support of valuable and loyal sponsors guarantees a successful day for all involved. This year’s ProductCamp expanded into other professional fields including entrepreneurship, my reason for participating. It is definitely a camp that I recommend should go on every professional’s calendar. The next ProductCamp Austin is scheduled for Saturday, January 15, 2011.

While deciding on ProductCamp sessions in which to participate, a sole thought kept resonating in my mind. This was, to stay true to the company’s mission in communicating meaningfully stories to its audience, clients, and guests. Consequently, to share the missions of Sententia Vera and Dulce Book Shop as one, a new format will bring them into a unified sisterhood.

Now I know what you may be thinking… or questioning. Unified sisters? I’ll be the first to admit that sisterhood can be a little competitive and opposing relationship. I, myself, am sandwiched between two beautiful sisters. Our childhood, although not the norm, was a paradigm of the competitive and opposing nature of sisters. However, as maturity developed and experiences suffered we have become a unified force to consider.

This is where Sententia Vera and Dulce Book Shop have evolved. Two mature and talented sister companies, aware and committed to their unified mission, offering their audiences, customers, and visitors a quality, cultural experience through foreign language, literature, and world art. Visit often, share your experience, and take away a cultured, global appreciation through books, music, and more.

Tune into the New Cultured Experience

Mondays & Wednesdays | Review Days: book, music, film, and cultural event reviewed

Tuesdays & Thursdays | Language, Cultural, & Historical Lesson Days: brief & useful sessions on Spanish language acquisition

Fridays & Saturdays | My Culturist Perspective | Personal experiences & upcoming events