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I am certain I was a stray in a former life, I must have been. There is no other reason why I am so insistent on all animals loving me, from humans to pets, especially sprays. I’ve always taken in sprays and have to hold back whenever I read or hear about pets needing a home. And, don’t get me around pet adoption centers because I WILL bring a pet home. What can I say, I’m a sucker for sprays.

So when Glo Rod, founder of A Variety of Pets Media and author of a book on short pet stories, Stories of Multiple Pets, asked me to contribute a short story for her second collection, I hurdled at the opportunity. I am happy to introduce you to my pets in this short story contribution to Stories of Multiple Pets – Austin Texas and delighted to be among other avid animal parents.


Glo Rod


Stories of Multiple Pets – Austin Texas

By Glo Rod & Co-Authors

ISBN: 9781463752576

$10.95 USD | Paperback





Stories of Multiple Pets – Austin Texas