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America Libre

America Libre by Raul Ramos y Sanchez

After years of anti-immigrant backlash, anger seethes in the nation’s teeming barrios. The crowded streets bristle with restless youth, idled by a deep recession. When undercover detectives in San Antonio accidentally kill a young Latina bystander during a botched drug bust, riots erupt across the Southwest. As the inner-city violence escalates, Anglo vigilantes strike back with shooting rampages. Exploiting the turmoil, a congressional demagogue succeeds in passing legislation that transforms the nation’s Hispanic enclaves into walled-off Quarantine Zones. Citizens tagged Class H–those who are Hispanic, are married to a Hispanic, or have at least one grandparent of Hispanic origin–are forced into detention centers. Amid the chaos in his L.A. barrio, Manolo Suarez is out of work and struggling to support his growing family. But under the spell of a beautiful Latina radical, the former U.S. Army Ranger and decorated war veteran now finds himself questioning his loyalty to his wife–and to his country.

After five months as a self-published edition, America Libre was acquired by Grand Central Publishing (formerly Warner Books). As part of the same deal, Grand Central also acquired El Nuevo Alamo, the sequel to America Libre. The original edition of America Libre has been retired to make way for the revised Grand Central Publishing version to be released in July 29, 2009.