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Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara

The anticipation for my first trip to Guadalajara has been full of excitement and anxiousness. The desire to follow my professional goal and specialize in literary translation as well as share the numerous Spanish literary treasures with the English community has brought me to Guadalajara, specifically to the Feria International del Libro de Guadalajara. The plans began back in early October when I registered for the XIII Congreso de Traducción e Interpretación San Jerónimo de la Organización Mexicana de Traductores and reserved a flight to México. The reservations for the hotel accommodations were made by FIL as they graciously offered American Literary Translators Association members to recompense their stay for several nights. I still had not received a hotel confirmation about two weeks before my departure and began to contact various organizers to inquire about my stay. The morning of my departure I simply received the assurance of, “todo está en orden” yet no details regarding my stay. My excitement and anxiousness turned to frustration and nervousness as my comedic partner joked about sleeping on a park bench. It was not until I boarded the plane that I learned I would be staying at the Vista Express under a confirmed reservation. Why these details one may wonder, and how is this relevant with my trip to Guadalajara, and by extension the Mexican culture?  Well, it’s only to demonstrate, as well as remind myself, what I love to share with the English community, that is the personality of the Mexican culture, aventurera y afectuosa. I am quickly relearning to live for the moment, focus on the now, and enjoy those around me, the future will come and I will celebrate it then!

In the next few days I’ll be experiencing Guadalajara as a translator, a literature enthusiast, a bookseller, a border dweller, a tourist, and as a mother. This last one in particular because the first thing I notice, besides the books everyone is reading on their travels, are the children. Come along with me and experience the trip vicariously.