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I ran across The Spanish Institute of Puebla through Antonio Prado, Director at the Institute in Puebla, México. Mr. Prado recently began sharing Spanish language and cultural materials to supplement a student’s learning. To improve Spanish acquisition a student can participate in the Institute’s International Award-winning Spanish Immersion Program in one of the safest cities in México. However, if travel is difficult, the Institute offers the Live Spanish Teacher  as an alternative option to start learning or continue practicing the Spanish language from the home or office.

As part of its language and cultural learning services, the Spanish Institute of Puebla has created language acquisition resources for teachers and students of Spanish. The supplemental aids are beneficial to continue to improve and practice the language on a daily basis. Best of all, the resources are FREE! Teachers and students that want to learn and improve their Spanish can access the materials here.

Other language tools the Institute offers include,

Studying a language is smart, beneficial and essential at this time and for the simple reason that we’ve become a global community with tighter social and economic interests. To learn a language implies the study of the language’s linguistics and equally important, the language’s culture(s). The Spanish Institute of Puebla is one of many opportunities abroad to study and gain a language and cultural experience that will initiate an advantageous foreign language acquisition. However, it doesn’t stop there. Regular exposure to the language is vital to obtain fluency and capacity with the language. The student’s effort to live and use the language is what makes the difference.