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I’ve mentioned before that there was a time in my young life in which I resolved to distance myself from women, frustrated with being surrounded by them as a young girl. And yet, I was also not impressed by the few men that had left an unpleasant memory of our meeting. So in an attempt to practice social isolation and stoicism, I was determined to limit my relationships to intellectual connections, and refused any physical or emotional bond. In theory, this would have saved me from experiencing any more frustration, hurt, unpleasant emotions, etc., though this practice put me at risk of cultivating an imbalanced soul, spirit, and being. Life would be so much easier if we were here alone… yet we’re not. And that’s the point.

We’re not alone, we are born into a family or a community, a circle, if you will. Whether that circle is positive or negative is our fortune, yet still not alone. Hence we must learn to appreciate the opportunities for connections, for bonds that we must learn to nurture and liberate. Fear must not compel these bonds, although acknowledging such apprehension should take part in our involvement.

Comadres and compadres are those bonds in the Latino culture that help balance our souls, spirits, and beings within our individual circles. COUNT ON ME: Tales of Sisterhoods and Fierce Friendships by Las Comadres Para Las Americas gifts us with various perspectives of such bonds. I don’t believe the Latino, Hispano, Chicano cultures are exclusive to this realm of bonds, however for the most part, there is no fear in openly and passionately sharing this cultural resolve. This collection of tales by Latin@ authors takes its readers through intellectual, physical, and emotional journeys. These are passages that may relate closely or initiate a personal determination to experience a new social perspective, one without isolation or indifference. Truly a collection that must be shared!

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About the Book

Friendships can bring us peace, fill the emotional shortcomings in our romantic relationships, and help us remember what lies deep inside every one of us. For more than twelve years, the international organization Las Comadres Para Las Americas™ has been bringing together thousands of Latinas to count on, lean on, help, and advise one another.

Comadre is a powerful term. It encompasses the most important relationships that exist between women: best friends, confidants, coworkers, advisers, neighbors, godmothers to one’s children, and even midwives.

Edited by acclaimed author and editor Adriana V. López, this collection of stories features twelve prominent Latina/o authors who reveal how friendships have helped them to overcome difficult moments in their lives. Fabiola Santiago, Luis Alberto Urrea, Reyna Grande, and Teresa Rodríguez tell their stories of survival in the United States and in Latin America, where success would have been impossible without a friend’s support. Esmeralda Santiago, Lorraine López, Carolina De Robertis, Daisy Martínez, and Dr. Ana Nogales explore what it means to have a comadre help you through years of struggle and self-discovery. And authors Sofia Quintero, Stephanie Elizondo Griest, and Michelle Herrera Mulligan look at the powerful impact of the humor and humanity that their comadres brought to each one’s life, even in the darkest moments.

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By: Las Comadres Para Las Americas

Edited by: Adriana V. López

Pub: Atria Books

Pub Date: September 2012

ISBN: 9781451642018

$12.00 USD | Paperback