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WHAT:  Dulce Bread & Book Shop Hosts a Song Tasting™ Concert Featuring Songstress Myrna Cabello & Daniel Cook and Special Reading with Featured Author Belinda Acosta

WHERE:  Dulce’s Shop Patio & Lawn, only 6 minutes from The Nutty Brown Café

WHEN:  Saturday, October 23rd, 6:15PM Wine Tasting & 6:45PM Song & Story

What To Bring: Your favorite lawn chair or picnic blanket and a favorite bottle of wine

Dulce will have diverse wines to share as…

…songs, like wine, have distinct characteristics: bold, fruity, aggressive, balanced, cultured, or complex.

Sometimes they are perfect the way they are and sometimes they need to age.

Pair a wine with your meal, pair a song with your mood, and pair a story with a memory.

Come join Dulce and experience a memorable evening of wine, song, & story among friends.

Looking forward to seeing you,
~Teresa Carbajal Ravet

Sharing sabor for the cultural experience!

Dulce Bread & Book Shop is a new independent bookshop in Austin, TX.


6:15  Enjoy wine sharing, appetizers & desserts while mingling with new & old friends. Catch a glimpse of Dulce Bread & Book Shop’s cultural inventory of books, music, and greeting cards.

6:45  Song & Story begins with the music of Myrna & Daniel and story sharing with Belinda Acosta.

Come experience the creative process of writing while enjoying a placid evening in the Hill Country and a drop of the grape!