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This past week Dulce Bread & Book Shop was featured over at the American Booksellers Association’s news site, Bookselling This Week. Dulce is a proud member of ABA, “a national, not for profit trade association, and exists to protect and promote the interests of its members: independently owned bookstores, large and small, with storefront locations in towns and cities nationwide.” Take a look.

Bookstore Owner Breaks Bread With Texas Community

By Elizabeth Knapp on Thursday, Feb 24, 2011

For Teresa Carbajal Ravet, food and language lie at the center of her culture. As the owner of Dulce Bread & Bookshop in Dripping Springs, Texas, she strives to preserve these elements, while making them more accessible to the general public.

Born in Mexico, Carbajal Ravet grew up speaking both Spanish and English and baking and eating pan dulce, Spanish for sweet bread. She came to the states to attend school, with intentions of returning to her home country. Instead, she stayed in Texas doing what she loves – enlightening others about her language and culture by teaching at various universities in the state. As an educator, Carbajal Ravet was frustrated with how difficult it was to find cultural or bilingual books for her classes.

“For where we are as a nation, it shouldn’t be that hard to find cultural literature,” she said. Taking matters into her own hands, Carbajal Ravet opened a bookstore of her own.

Dulce Bread & Bookshop is a cultural bookstore with a mission “to introduce and familiarize the U.S. community with the ethnic community of artists,” the store’s website proclaims. Carbajal Ravet opened the store about a year ago, and it has been well received by the community.

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