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“Do as I say and not as I do!” is a daily lesson used by many parents, myself included. So when I think back at my youth, I try to recall a specific instance when I whole-heartily understood my mama’s words and able to live them, able to make them my own. Hmm… tough. It was difficult to evoke the many conversations, arguments really, that my mama and I had throughout my youth and not one highlights the rewarding relationship we have today. Our past was a struggle, if not a challenge. Her words simply did not get through to me. I questioned them, I negated them, and I refused to believe in them no matter how sincere they may have been. And as for her actions…, well she did everything that I interpreted to be wrong!


Es decir hasta que se me concedió ser mamá hace 12 años. Esas acciones tuvieron un sentido inmensamente diferente que no se pueden definir con palabras. Los obstáculos, las conquistas, las derrotas que mi mamá sobrevivió tan sólo para darme la oportunidad de una vida afortunada, una vida libre, una vida dichosa, que continuará con las vidas de mis hijos. Es por ella que ellos viven.


So the lesson should not be “do as I say and not as I do” but a simpler one, “do as I do,” reminding myself that my actions have an assured impression on my children. Actions that will make my mama value her efforts and her struggles.


Feliz Día de las Madres.