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50 Feminist Book

The following list of children’s books came across my social media desk and I quickly perused it looking for… you guessed it, ethnic authors AND women writers. Kristian Wilson has drafted a good cultural and feminist list of children’s book writers, and I thank her for it! Let’s spread the word and get these books in the hands of all children for any reason! Please consider supporting Sententia Vera’s Bookshop by purchasing these books online.

Nieces and nephews are hands down the absolute best relatives. They’re fun, they think you’re cool, and you get to play fast and loose with the whole “authority figure” thing. Also, they usually don’t live with you, so you get all the fun of having kids without the responsibility. Win-win.

I’m a big fan of the #GiveaBook movement. Toys and games are fun and all, but it’s much more fulfilling to give a gift that enriches a child’s life. And if you can throw a bit of feminism into the mix, all the better, right?

When you go looking for great children’s titles, you might be surprised to find just how many of the picture books you grew up with are actually feminist. And the number of such books grows with each passing year, as more and more authors seek to be inclusive of all children and families, and mindful of various environmentalist and economic causes. Those may seem like heavy issues for a kids’ book to tackle, but trust me, these titles do a great job.

This list of 50 feminist picture books isn’t exhaustive by any means. With a mix of classic and contemporary titles, both fiction and biographical, you’re sure to find something here to share with your nieces and nephews.

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