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 JUNE 2010 BOOK TOUR | Bernardo and the Virgin by Silvio Sirias

In 1980, with the Sandinistas newly in power, tailor and pig farmer Bernardo Martinez witnesses an extraordinary thing: an otherworldly glow about the statue of the Virgin Mary in the church where he works as sacristán. Soon the Holy Virgin appears. She tells Bernardo to forget his money problems and fear of ridicule and spread her message of peace and faith to his neighbors. Though a work of fiction, Bernardo and the Virgin is based on actual events in Bernardo Martinez’s life. The visitation of the Virgin Mary at Cuapa, Nicaragua, remains one of the few such events accepted by the Roman Catholic Church in the last sixty years.

Book Tour Schedule:

Mon June 7   Latino Books Examiner
Tues June 8   Regular Rumination     &     La Bloga
Wed June 9   When I Was in ‘nam
Thurs June 10 Sandra’s Book Club
Fri June 11    Sententia Vera

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Mon June 14 The Tranquilo Traveler
Tues June 15 Brown Girl Speaks
Wed June 16 The Book Nook
Thurs June 17 Pisti Totol-Black Bird
Fri June 18   Musings

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