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I have always avoided saying goodbye, forever opting to slip out unnoticed, or somehow managing to be busy while others leave, or simply saying, “hay nos vemos”, as if “seeing you later,” no matter the duration in between, will somehow lessen the departing sorrow. It works for me, however may come across as impolite and/or heartless. Which is not the intention, it is exactly the opposite. Too much heart to bear the parting.

When my Abuelita Tere passed away I was away studying in college. I remember receiving a telephone call from my sister giving me the sad news and asking me to come home as soon as possible. I arrived in time for her service and interment, and somehow missed saying goodbye. This was the woman that taught me to cook, to bake, and to sew. From her, I experienced the caring for all animals, the joy in storytelling, and the warmth in healing others. I have yet to say goodbye as I continuously talk of her in the present tense, I feel her visits as the songbirds peck at my window’s feeder, dream with her of last night’s dinner, and as I look at my hands while typing, I am reminded of her guiding hands. Enough heart to know she is still here.

So when my mother found an old, tattered notebook full of poetry cleaning out abuelita’s house, I convinced her to let me have it. I have been carrying it and caring for it ever since. My intention:  to figure out whose poetry it is, to translate it and to publish it. My instinct tells me it is abuelita’s poetry, verses from a remarkable woman, her life and her work.

I share with you a wonderful opportunity to join me in submitting poetry on women and work. This anthology promises to be valuable and timely as women are being alienated and criticized for their intellect and personal choices. This is a literary opportunity to let women’s diverse voices be heard.

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Editors Carolyne Wright and Eugenia Toledo invite women poets of all nationalities, backgrounds and job descriptions to submit up to 5 poems for an anthology, Raising Lilly Ledbetter:  Women Poets Occupy the Workspace.  Send hardcopies to Carolyne Wright, 13741 15th Avenue NE, #C-7, Seattle, WA  98125.  Email carolyne.eulene@juno.com or visit www.losthorsepress.org for full guidelines.

This anthology invites poems of women who have occupied spaces in the work force, and have contended with pay and promotion inequity, workplace harassment and intimidation, and all matters relevant to women in an increasingly globalized workplace, including the joy and satisfaction of work well done.  Such issues may include instances of women’s employment advantages over males and other non-minorities—any preferential treatment of women in hiring and promotion, for example.  How can women tell their workplace stories in poetry, and be agents of change, locally and globally, in these difficult economic times?  Poems in English and in translation from any other language are welcome.

Full Guidelines

1.  Poems may be unpublished or previously published in magazines, anthologies, or books, but contributors must have the rights and waive fees for republication.  (We will apply for grant money to pay honoraria / reprint fees, but have no guarantee of funds at this time.)

2.  Submissions up to 5 poems.  Please mail in hard copy, with your contact data in a cover letter and your name on each page of poetry.  No need to include an SASE—we will email our responses, requesting accepted poems along with bio and statement to be sent electronically.

EXCEPTION to Hard Copy Submission Requirement—if you are submitting from a country other than the U.S. or Canada, it is fine to send via email.  We want to avoid overseas postal expenses, and the risk of lost or delayed submissions.

3.  Poems may be originally written in a language than English, but originals should be sent with their translations.

4.  Provide a 75-word bio in the cover letter, followed by a brief statement of your involvement in work on behalf of women.

5.  Submission deadline EXTENDED:  December 31, 2012.

6.  Submit work to:

Carolyne Wright

13741 15th Avenue NE, # C – 7

Seattle, WA 98125 USA


Llamada a Participar | Antología de Poesía Sobre las Mujeres y el Trabajo

Editoras Carolyne Wright y Eugenia Toledo invitan a las mujeres poetas de todas nacionalidades, antecedentes y tipos de trabajos a participar hasta con 5 poemas en la Antología Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace.  Envíe en soporte papel a Carolyne Wright, 13741 15th Avenue NE, #C-7, SEATTLE, WA  98125  USA. Correo electrónico carolyne.eulene@juno.com o visite www.losthorsepress.org para las pautas completas de envío.

Esta antología invita a participar con sus poemas a mujeres que han estado en el campo laboral, y han tenido que contentarse con sueldos bajos y desigualdad ante promociones laborales, discriminación e intimidación, y todas las temáticas femeninas  que son relevantes a este mundo laboral global en aumento, incluyendo las alegrías y las satisfacciones de un trabajo bien hecho. Estos temas pueden incluir instancias en que mujeres estén en ventaja laboral sobre los hombres y otros grupos no minoritarios – como cualquier trato preferencial a la mujer en el proceso de contratación y promoción por ejemplo. ¿Cómo pueden las mujeres articular sus historias a través de la poesía, ser agentes de cambio, local y globalmente, en estos difíciles tiempos económicos? Se aceptan poemas en inglés y traducciones de cualquier otra lengua.

Pautas Completas

1.  Los poemas pueden ser inéditos o ya publicados en revistas, antologías o libros, pero los participantes deben tener los derechos y renunciar a los recargos legales para re publicación.  (Vamos a aplicar a algunos “grants” para usar como honorario / gastos de re publicación; pero en este momento no tenemos respaldo económico).

2.  Someter hasta un máximo de 5 poemas. Envíelos por correo en soporte papel, con sus datos de contacto en una carta de presentación y con su nombre en cada una de las páginas de sus poemas. No hay necesidad de incluir un SASE (sobre con sus datos) – le mandaremos por correo electrónico nuestras respuestas, solicitando los poemas aceptados con su biografía y permiso para que nos sean enviados electrónicamente.

Una excepción al soporte papel: si Ud. manda poesía desde otros países que no sean Estados Unidos o Canadá – puede mandarla por vía electrónica (email). Queremos evitar gastos de correo, pérdida o atraso de material.)

3.  Los poemas pueden haber sido escritos originalmente en otra lengua diferente al inglés, pero los originales deben ser enviados con sus traducciones.

4.  Incluya una mini-biografía de 75 palabras en su carta de presentación, seguida por una corta declaración sobre su participación en favor de las mujeres en la fuerza laboral.

5.  Fecha de envío EXTENDIDA al 31 de diciembre 2012.

6.  Mandar a:
Carolyne Wright

13741 15th Avenue NE, #C-7

Seattle, WA 98125  USA