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Writers Group

Emerging Voices Writers Group has come together as a resource for local writers to meet, share, and refine their talents and interests in,
– writing workouts in the form of book studies, story beats studies, and discussing writing practices,
– creating a resource network to share resources & contacts, help flesh & flush out writing ideas, discuss favorite authors and titles, invite expert literary guests, and share members’ personal writing projects.
– submit creative posts to The Culturists blog, http://sententiavera.tumblr.com/

Annual Membership Dues: $60 (to help w/ venue overhead)
Dues can be paid annually, 50% due January 1, then the balance due July 1.  Please pay here.
Once the membership dues are submitting, you will receive a Google invitation to the Writers Group Forum to receive Meeting Agendas and to communicate with the Membership.