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About the Tale | Count von Ice de la Cream and the Golden Ice Cream is a sweet tale of perseverance and imagination. Journey to the royal land of Rumalia and meet a devoted king and beautiful daughter whose stroll through town and a visit to the local creamery change the lives of the townsfolk in a fun and astonishing way. With the creativity of Count von Ice de la Cream, owner and top flavor creator of Le Grand Ice Creamery, the three commence a hairy predicament for all of Rumalia’s ice cream lovers. Young readers will delight in the varied flavors of solutions with which the Count experiments to make everything right. Likewise, the vivid and playful illustrations will inspire a colorful imagination in all of its readers.

A Parent’s Perspective| This is a fun hairy tale for a parent and child to enjoy together at a bedtime reading. The story is funny and educational as it strives to teach “the child the importance of creativity, persistence, patience, self-confidence, and trust.” As a parent of small children and reading a variety of children’s books, I offer the following ideas to make for an easier and visually appropriate read, as well as culturally insightful.

First, the font type and size is difficult on aging eyes and young readers. A simpler font and slightly larger size would help the eyes of both the parent and early reader. This alteration, I presume, would possibly result in additional pages making the story a lengthy read and therefore further editing would be necessary. Secondly, the illustrations, although expressive and colorful, at times do not portray the story’s accurate time period, such as sidewalks and light bulbs. One may believe this is a fastidious observation, however young readers are quick to notice. Lastly, as a culturist parent, I attempt to expose my children to diverse cultures through literature and enjoy children’s books that depict the numerous colors of the human race. With a make-believe kingdom such as Rumalia, do all beautiful princesses have to have golden, blonde hair and blue eyes?

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Count von Ice de la Cream and the Golden Ice Cream

By G. O. Martinez

Illustrated by M. M. Barron / G. O. Martinez

Pub: Xlibris

ISBN: 9781456865238


$ 19.99 USD | Softcover

$ 25.99 USD | Hardcover