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What Does It Mean to Be White?: Developing White Racial Literacy


Prompted in part by her experience as a counselor in racial diversity training sessions, where she found most of her fellow white people to be racially illiterate, Robin DiAngelo (education, Westfield State U.) seeks to show how the social construct of race operates in the United States between whites and people of color and how whiteness shapes the racial identities and perspectives of white people. She begins with a discussion of the importance of the issue in education. She then proceeds to discuss the ways in which socialization shapes the identities and perspectives of all people, the elements of societal oppression, the historical development of race as a social construct, the conceptualization of racism as an embedded system of unequal power in which all are complicit regardless of intentions, contemporary manifestations of “new” racism, the ways in which race shapes the lives of white people, ways in which racism is obscured for and denied by whites, issues of intersecting identities (such as race and class), and the ways in which racism manifests for different racial groups. She concludes with a discussion of the basic tenets of antiracist education.


What Does It Mean to Be White?
Developing White Racial Literacy
By Robin DiAngelo
Paperback Revised Edition COMING SOON!
Pub: Peter Lang Pub Inc.
Pub Date: August 2016
ISBN: 978 1433131103
SV Price: $37.95