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My last professional gig with YWCA Greater Austin gave me the experience of managing the multiple areas of my professional career at once, they are, Development & Communication, plus Advocacy work in the realms of women and immigration issues. It was a busy, yet exciting and learning, year. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served such a distinguished and historic organization.

I didn’t break all ties to the organization as I value its mission to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom an dignity for all. So, I am now a volunteer. I’m helping with the website transition of its homepage and basic maintenance. Something, I’m sure, the managing team is anxiously waiting for its completion. I’m also a volunteer member to its Advocacy Committee.

Now, this website transition is testing my patience and skill in website administration. I found the technology to be cumbersome and snobbish, that is, NOT user-friendly at all, especially as it’s geared at local nonprofits with frugal budgets, that having an IT professional on staff or vendor would be a luxury.  I continue to learn about Blackbaud’s Sphere CMS while silently cursing at its every unfriendly hurdle.

Take a look at what will be the new YWCA Greater Austin homepage design and make sure to check back in a few… to visit its completed launch!

YWCA homepage update