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Growing up surrounded by women; grandmothers, mother, sisters, aunts and 8-girl cousins (sadly only 3-boy cousins), and la Virgen de Guadalupe, was tough! So much so, that I swore to stop this female domination in our family. “I will only have boys,” I proclaimed!

As a proud, new mother of a 2-year old and twin infant boys, again I found myself surrounded by women! This time though, tired and self-doubting nascent stay-at-home and working mothers that seemed to judge each other in order to gain a bit of confidence in their parenting skills and choices. “I will never step out of my home again,” I vowed! Women can be our own worst enemies.

This past year, alone in a new state and home, surrounded by my husband, four sons and daughter, I was longing for adult, female companionship. “I want my female relatives, mother-buddies, mis comadres, and la Virgen de Guadalupe to vent my frustrations and assure me that I had the courage to keep moving forward,” I sulked.

Funny how swearing and vowing comes back to bite ya! It was a tough year, however I’m making it with the support from the women I know I can count on, their numbers programmed on my speed dial FAVORITES, from a distance of 2000 miles, and of course, the heavens.

Now, I’m gathering another circle of local women. Imagine that! Intentionally surrounding myself with more women; young and old, mothers, partners, colleagues, advocates, and friends. They are making my FAVORITES list longer and I am so much better for it.

Thanks gals, peeps, comadres, and friends. Here’s my holiday gift of thanks, 512.633.4327. Add me to your FAVORITES… I’ve got your backs.

Also, a gift from one of the strongest and loveliest woman I had the pleasure of knowing and admiring, mi abuelita Tere.

~ La mujer fuerte ~

Una hermosa mujer pasó entre los hombres con altivez natural.

Acaso aquello no era altivez; acaso era la arrogancia que,

a los seres fuertes y tranquilos infunde la presencia de los seres mezquinos y temerosos.

Envuelta en el primer aliento de otoño ella reunía todos los valores dispersos.

Fuerte, grande, armónica y bella, no era la visión de un sueño. Sino la presencia de una realidad poderosa.

Su edad indeterminada, hablaba de su valor persistente.

Al pasar tersa la frente al viento, doblegada, brillantes los ojos en el fragor del día, el césped guardó las huellas de sus pies.

     Y los hombres libidinosos, que no tuvieron fuerzas para sentir a su presencia el menor deseo, mordieron el recuerdo de la que los hizo sentirse ruines y despreciables.

~Teresa Jurado de Grado

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Lastly, but certainly not least, muchísimas gracias a Icess Fernandez Rojas for inviting me to be a part of this diverse group of women artists and bloggers, I am honored to be among you.

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The Lady Matador’s Hotel

By Cristina García

Pub: Simon & Schuster

Pub Date: September 2010

ISBN: 9781439181744

$18.00 USD | Hardcover