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Is the Latino community achieving its civic duty?

My latest contribution to Being Latino. Take a read and get involved!

“Metiche or metichi, the Spanish adjective that Continue Reading

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    My latest contribution to Being Latino. Take a read and get involved! "Metiche or metichi, the Spanish adjective that negatively describes a person as meddlesome or nosey, is not usually a flattering compliment. In my Mexican culture, I was regularly reprimanded as a young girl for being a metiche, as my constant curiosity and people-watching habit would find me staring, when in public. To date, I cannot read or work out in public as my fascination for my fellow beings is simple intense. However, don’t take it as a critical judgment, it is an admiration for the human condition and diverse perspective. So, yes, I continue to be a strong example of what it is to be a constructive metiche, with a genuine motive for awareness and understanding. Therefore, when invited to Latino community engagements I clear my calendar in order to attend these public events and be the best metiche possible." Continue Reading  

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