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Reveille Group Distinguished Speaker Series


Grant Birdwell (top), David Perez (bottom)

Last Friday, October 21, I attended the Austin Ags’ Reveille Distinguished Speaker Series luncheon. Hosted at The Headliners Club with its remarkable skyline view of downtown Austin, CCAMC President, David Perez ‘02, welcomed the day’s distinguished speaker, Grant Birdwell ’00. The Distinguished Speaker Series “invites business and civic leaders to engage with [the CCAMC] membership on professional topics. Speakers draw upon their experiential knowledge as they engage in relevant, inspirational, and informative discussions.” Grant Birdwell was no exception, his talk on Unorthodox Strategic Partnerships was timely, motivating one’s ideas on collaborative efforts to expand the thought and creation of nontraditional partnerships.

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In the Dulce Kitchen | Baked Ziti

I always enjoy the opportunity to get into the Dulce Kitchen, especially if the occasion calls for some cultural baking, sweet breads in particular. As the cooler weather teases the Hill County and chills start to run up from the small of my back, I’m easily tempted to bake.

This week I had the perfect opportunity to head into the Dulce Kitchen by volunteering to bake a cultural dish for a school camping trip, a classic Italian American comfort food, Baked Ziti with meat. It was my first time preparing this casserole dish and, as it turns out, a perfect meal to prepare in advance for a camping trip, or to freeze and save for a later date. I effortlessly doubled the recipe and it’s ready to feed 20 adventuring students with plenty for seconds.

Buen provecho!


Make National Voter Registration Day one of your favorite national holiday!

nvrd-social-graphics-01-300x225With so many important elections being held, millions of people, including me, are registering to vote today on National Voter Registration Day, September 27.

National Voter Registration Day was first started for the 2012 presidential election. It has now become an annual holiday and celebration when thousands of people ensure our family, friends and neighbors are registered to vote.

I’m sharing this information with you because I am committed to helping spread the vote. You can visit to register to vote and to find ways to get involved and help celebrate #VoterRegistrationDay! Or as a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar, I am happy to come to you and register you in person! All you have to do is hit me up!

Hundreds of events across the USA are also being planned for National Voter Registration Day 2016. Check out today’s events around Greater Austin. Read more