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Born in Monterrey, Mexico and raised on the border in El Paso, TX, Teresa grew up in a bicultural and bilingual environment. As a young girl she struggled to find a public identity that would allow both cultures and languages to exist as one. Living in the US during the school year and spending holidays and summer breaks in Mexico was a cultural advantage as well as an identity battle. This personal and public conflict with a dual identity sparked her curiosity in self-realization and social definition and deepened her determination to make multiculturalism experienced, enjoyed, and valued.

Ms. Carbajal Ravet earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language and a Master of Arts degree in Modern Languages, specializing in Spanish Literature & Linguistics from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. She devoted the beginning of her professional career to teaching Spanish language, literature, culture, and history through the Spanish folk soul, inspiring in her students the importance and merits of being a world citizen.

Inspired by her students, Ms. Carbajal Ravet furthered her aspiration to share the multicultural experience with others outside the classroom, and initiate a genuine interest and awareness in world cultures and languages in them. Consequently, she launched an independent, cultural bookstore in Dripping Springs, Texas. Dulce Bread & Book Shop, LLC specialized in cultural and ethnic titles and authors, being honored with the General Motors Rising Star Award by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Dulce offered community cultural seminars and collaborated in local cultural events with the goal to educate, advocate, and promote the study of world languages, the experience of multiculturalism, and the reading of cultural literature.

With the move to Northern California, Ms. Carbajal Ravet again focused her professional career to reach a new and larger audience with the launch of Sententia Vera, Cultural Spanish Communication. As a culturist Spanish linguist and bilingual writer, Teresa offers her clients culturally relevant and bilingual transcreations, translations, content writing, and editing, initiating genuine communication and productive discourse with the clients’ constituencies. Sententia Vera specializes in bilingual literary, academic, non-profit, and content marketing, creating effective and accurate messaging for the client’s target audience.

Moreover, Sententia Vera fosters communication between languages and cultures by affording its clients a positive and coherent bilingual dialogue and bridging diverse communities. Teresa has dedicated her life and professional career to the advocacy and promotion of the multicultural experience through foreign language education, literature, translation, and cultural exploration. She is enthusiastic to bring her passion to the Bay Area and looks forward to contributing her language and cultural expertise in bilingual communication and marketing campaign collaborations.

For more information and to discuss your next bilingual communication campaign contact Ms. Carbajal Ravet directly at or call 512.633.4327.

Teresa has been married 17 years and is raising five bicultural children.

Specialties: Engaging bilingual public speaker, energetic interactive educator, passionate Spanish culturist, resolute leader, diplomatic mediator, resourceful collaborator, life-long scholar, and global adventurer.

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    #RejectTheText | #MASForTexas


    A broad coalition of organizations and scholars from across Texas, the Responsible Ethnic Studies Textbook Coalition (, is “calling on the State Board of Education to reject [the ONLY] proposed Mexican-American studies textbook that promotes offensive cultural stereotypes, distorts history and is plagued by factual errors.”

    Sententia Vera joined the rally in support of the #RejectTheText campaign on Tuesday, 13 September 2016. The Coalition has “scholars from across Texas and outside the state reviewing the textbook” as not one subject-matter expert was hired to co-author the Mexican American Heritage history book for “fear of bias,” defended the head of the publishing company, Cynthia Dunbar. What?!? A key rule to writing, as Mark Twain advocates, is to “write what you know.” In several cases, Ms. Dunbar has been the biased party for publishing a “politicized distortion of history” as reported by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

    To add your voice to those calling for the rejection of the flawed Mexican American Heritage textbook visit the Coalition’s website and sign the action to add you name to the petition. The Texas State Board of Education is scheduled to vote on the textbook’s adoption at its November meeting.

    Among those in the pictures: Kathy Miller, TFN President; Celina Moreno, attorney for Mexican American Legal Defense Fund; Dr. Emilio Zamora, professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin, Carmen Tafolla, associate professor of education at the University of Texas at San Antonio; Tony Díaz, Librotraficante; Martha P. Cotera, Chicana Feminist & Civil Rights.

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    Maritza Fitzgerald

    "Teresa is professional, creative, and detailed oriented, she has on every occasion provided us with constructive recommendations." "She creates a perfect balance between her skill for recognizing and respecting the creative aspects of our project with her intuition for when and how to contribute."

    Children's Bilingual Writer

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