Language Lesson | Prepositions of Location

My students are currently learning the Spanish prepositions that express space relationships, I thought to share them with you here.

These are expressions of location, therefore the phrase = “to be” + preposition of location

estar (conjugated to modify subject) preposición

cerca de – close to
lejos de – far from
encima de – on top of
debajo de - below
al lado de – alongside of
entre – between, among
delante de – in front of
detrás de – behind
a la izquierda de – to the left of
a la derecha de – to the right of
al este/ oeste/ norte/ sur de - to the east/ west/ north/ south of


Note: In Spanish, the pronouns that serve as objects of prepositions are identical in form to the Subject Pronouns, except for  and ti.

Singular Plural
1st person: nosotros/nosotras
2nd person: ti
3rd person: él/ella/usted ellos/ellas/ustedes


Examples:         Subject + to be + preposition + object of the preposition

  • Julio está delante de mí.
  • María está detrás de ti.
  • Me siento a la izquierda de ella. 

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