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  • is a website dedicated to stories and issues important to Latinas. It was founded by Teresa Puente, an assistant professor of journalism at Columbia College Chicago, to give Latina women an opportunity to publish essays, columns, articles and also fiction.

    It is our hope to diversify the content with the addition of writers and bloggers like you, who bring a unique perspective and strong voice. We lack the funds to compensate bloggers, but by publishing on the website, it will bring exposure and a wider audience to your work. We do however have a grant to pay writers who are students in case that applies to you or anybody you know.

    Ideally, we are looking to publish one of your blog posts each month. You can send us one blog directly, or we can select one blog to post. We hope you consider contributing as it will be a much welcomed addition to the website.

    I’ve read your blog and think it would be perfect for the site!

    Thank you,

    Angelica Jimenez, assistant editor

  • Gracias Angelica!

    I would be happy to contribute to Please select the monthly blog of your choice and let me know of pub date in order to announce it among Sententia Vera’s network.

    All the best!


  • Patricia Carbajal

    Hi Terese,

    My name is Patricia Carbajal.
    As I was looking up in the web to find the origen of my last name, Carbajal, I end up in your web page. It is initeresting that we share the same last name and that you were raised in Texas. My family is from Cd. Juarez, Chih., and I’m from El Paso, Tx.

  • Kamala Platt

    Hi Teresa,
    I cannot find an email address: the titles I am looking for are Rethinking Columbus & Telling Tongues. I would need at least 25 copies available. Please email me at