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Sententia Vera CoWorking Space

The local coffeehouse has been a gathering place in which locals purchase their beloved cup of coffee and favorite pastry, as well as a meeting place and a brainstorming spot for creative entrepreneurs. In short, the local coffeehouse was the original coworking space.

Sententia Vera CoWorking Community is a coworking space in the Hill Country of Central Texas that aims to provide the entrepreneur, contractor, and telecommuter with a working space in a supporting community. Sententia Vera’s Coworking Community is a shared professional environment supporting entrepreneurs, freelancers/contractors, and work-at-home professionals, in their goal to work in an inclusive, collaborative, and creative environment, while also having the benefit of a quiet and private space.

As a shared coworking community, Sententia Vera offers its members shared resources and ideas, and the exchange of consulting services between members to bring fresh ideas to business branding, marketing, development, public engagement, and certifications.

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Sententia Vera Cultural Hub COMING Spring 2017


Thank you for welcoming Sententia Vera Cultural Hub as a member of the Hill Country, Texas. We welcome you to join our cultural newsletter to keep up with the latest on our future move into new digs!

We are happy and excited to open our doors in Spring 2017 to share and participate in the local Dripping Springs community!

Sententia Vera Cultural Hub is a community space for cultured bibliophiles, coffee aficionados, and innovative entrepreneurs. It’s a place to find your next unexpected read, burst through your wildest dreams, and savor java from one of Austin’s renown coffee roasters.

¡Bienvenidos to Sententia Vera Cultural Hub!

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Happy Thanksgiving

2016 has been a year of harsh challenges and blatant alarms, a year of awakening for most and reawakening of others. 2017 may look even bleaker for some, if not most. Sententia Vera Hub is grateful for its will and spirit, and its energy and perseverance, as it works to create a safe space for its community to transform, recompose, and strengthen its mission to foster healthy communication and engagement between languages and cultures, creating an active dialogue that values and respects the diversity in the other.

Sententia Vera is grateful for multiculturalism as a free and active participant in the global community and the inclusion of all its members. Most importantly, it is grateful that you are a part of this community! Thank you!


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As a child I was frequently reprimanding by my parents and other adult family members and friends for staring, always made to feel ashamed and, simply, bad.  However, I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, watching others, their physical characteristics, their expressions and mannerisms, their dress, and their customs. My short memories of living in Ciudad Juárez, México are enchanting. We walked and rode public transit everywhere, which gave me the opportunity to people-watch. Bus rides were my favorite, if able, I could spend the day riding the bus everywhere and nowhere. I especially enjoyed riding toward the back, as I watched people coming and going, losing myself in wonder and forgetting when and where to exit. ¡Bajan!



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Holiday Cultural Storytime

Holiday Cultural Storytime


The Holiday Blog Tour 2013 kicks off today! Chin! As usual, I’m running last minute putting it together, revising, and posting. My usual modus operandi, as I tend to juggle while multi-tasking. This is not to say that I don’t thoroughly enjoy participating in this tour every holiday season since its inception three years ago! Tour founder, Icess Fernandez Rojas, always succeeds in bringing a group of talented Continue Reading

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Is the Latino community achieving its civic duty?

Is the Latino community achieving its civic duty?

My latest contribution to Being Latino. Take a read and get involved!

“Metiche or metichi, the Spanish adjective that Continue Reading

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    Andrea J. Romero, PhD.

    “Gracias! This looks great… everything is complete.”

    Andrea J. Romero, PhD. Fitch Nesbitt Associate Professor

    State of Texas HUB

    C.M. Mayo will be in Austin Thursday, June 11, 2009 for a reading, discussion, and book signing event at Book People at 7 PM. Mayo's new novel is based on a true history that perhaps only a few US readers know. The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire is a novel based on elusive history that even Mexicans might not all-together recall. I, myself, know pieces of this history only because I am often frustrated with the US celebration of Mexico's Cinco de Mayo and attempt to educate myself on its history and significance from a country's self-realization and social position. What is the US celebrating? Does anyone know? Maybe.  Not certain. Vaguely. Oh yes, Mexico's Fourth of July..., right?!?   Well no, not exactly.  In brief, in 1861 Great Britain, France, and Spain joined forces in an attempt to punish Mexico for defaulting on its loans. It did not take long before the French army was the only one remaining in an attempt to conquer Mexico and establish an empire. During a heroic battle in the mountains of Mexico as far as the state of Puebla, Benito Juárez's troops defeated the overpowering, well-fortified, and much bigger French army on the 5th of May, 1862. It did not take long for the French army to return and install Maximilian von Habsburg, Austrian archduke, to the restored Mexican throne. Maximilian's arrival in Veracruz was received with violent aversion from the Mexican liberals refusing to recognize his rule. Despite the undesirable welcome Maximilian recognized the beauty of Mexico and its culture and accepted it as his own. Throughout his imminent downfall, capture, and sentence of death, Maximilian continued to fight for his Mexico, not wanting to give up for a beloved country that had become part of his Being. His last words reported as, "Mexicans! Today I die for a fair cause: the freedom and independence of Mexico. May God allow my spilling blood to put an end forever to the disgraces of my new homeland. ¡Viva México!"   I look forward to reading The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire as it promises to complete this brief French influence in Mexico's cultural and social history. I am interested in C. M. Mayo's viewpoint in this respect and anticipate a fascinating reading and discussion tonight at Book People. Join C. M. Mayo on the discussion and have an enlightening read.

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