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As a child I was frequently reprimanding by my parents and other adult family members and friends for staring, always made to feel ashamed and, simply, bad.  However, I enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, watching others, their physical characteristics, their expressions and mannerisms, their dress, and their customs. My short memories of living in Ciudad Juárez, México are enchanting. We walked and rode public transit everywhere, which gave me the opportunity to people-watch. Bus rides were my favorite, if able, I could spend the day riding the bus everywhere and nowhere. I especially enjoyed riding toward the back, as I watched people coming and going, losing myself in wonder and forgetting when and where to exit. ¡Bajan!



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Holiday Cultural Storytime

Holiday Cultural Storytime


The Holiday Blog Tour 2013 kicks off today! Chin! As usual, I’m running last minute putting it together, revising, and posting. My usual modus operandi, as I tend to juggle while multi-tasking. This is not to say that I don’t thoroughly enjoy participating in this tour every holiday season since its inception three years ago! Tour founder, Icess Fernandez Rojas, always succeeds in bringing a group of talented Continue Reading

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Is the Latino community achieving its civic duty?

Is the Latino community achieving its civic duty?

My latest contribution to Being Latino. Take a read and get involved!

“Metiche or metichi, the Spanish adjective that Continue Reading

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Being Latino | The Values and Challenges of a Bicultural Relationship and Family

The plan… NOT to get constrained or distracted by an infatuation with another. Simple, clear, and safe.  The perfect plan to allow for a professional Continue Reading

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Sententia Vera Travels to San Diego

Sententia Vera Travels to San Diego

The American Translators Association recently held its 53rd Annual Conference in San Diego, California. Sententia Vera has been a member of the ATA for quite some time, however this was the first time I attended. Continue Reading

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Latinitas Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month w/ the 1st Latina Girls Conference in Austin | TECHchica 2012

ATX | Ask Hispanic women achieving what they lacked on their path to success and you might be surprised that the challenges of academics and economics take a back seat to the absence of needed Latina role models –examples of those who have “made it.”

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15) Latinitas is bringing together mentors and young Latinas by hosting the 1st ever Latina Girls Conference, TECHchica, in partnership with Time Warner Cable and Austin Community College’s Eastview campus.

Conference Logo



Saturday, October 6


Cost: $15 per girl.

Register: 512.447.4440 x137 or visit


Girls will engage in a “hackathon” like atmosphere developing a social media campaign to “change the world” and then implement it using blogs, video and podcasts.

“When we asked Hispanic girls in Latinitas’ programs what motivates them, they unanimously agree that they want to help others.” said Laura Donnelly Gonzalez, Latinitas, Founder, COO. “We are pairing their love of technology and media production with the desire to create a social media campaign that will do just that.”

Female bloggers, IT professionals and video producers from all over the city will walk girls ages 9-18 through these activities. During lunch, girls will be visited by a panel of women leading and succeeding in technology including local journalists, bloggers and technology executives from area businesses which will be filmed for a national web stream/simulcast to Latinitas’ El Paso chapter.

Latinos are still significantly less likely than whites to have a home internet connection (55% vs. 75%) due to several socio-economic factors including low levels of education and limited English ability. That lack of access reflects heavily in Latinitas where 95% of club attendees do not have a computer at home.

“Ten years teaching digital media education and publishing the only magazine made for and by young Latinas, Latinitas has seen a lot of technology innovation come from girls as young as 8 and we wanted to create a fun, supported, competitive environment where they could work collaboratively with a concentrated group of educators, technophiles and mentors.” Said founder Laura Donnelly Gonzalez.

About Latinitas

Established in 2002, Latinitas, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, whose mission is to empower young Latinas through media and technology, has been a vital part of young Latinas’ lives through after school programs, teen internships, Saturday and summer camps, special events, and the very first online e-zine for young Latinas — The bilingual magazine, written for and by young Latinas, provides a vehicle whereby these girls and young women not only see themselves positively reflected, but are also a part of the production.

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