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Sententia Vera CoWorking Space

The local coffeehouse has been a gathering place in which locals purchase their beloved cup of coffee and favorite pastry, as well as a meeting place and a brainstorming spot for creative entrepreneurs. In short, the local coffeehouse was the original coworking space.

Sententia Vera CoWorking Community is a coworking space in the Hill Country of Central Texas that aims to provide the entrepreneur, contractor, and telecommuter with a working space in a supporting community. Sententia Vera’s Coworking Community is a shared professional environment supporting entrepreneurs, freelancers/contractors, and work-at-home professionals, in their goal to work in an inclusive, collaborative, and creative environment, while also having the benefit of a quiet and private space.

As a shared coworking community, Sententia Vera offers its members shared resources and ideas, and the exchange of consulting services between members to bring fresh ideas to business branding, marketing, development, public engagement, and certifications.

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SV Community Engagement

Sententia Vera, LLC is a Cultural Communication and Community Relations & Development consultancy, offering bilingual public relations, Latino community outreach and engagement, and content writing, editing, transcreation, localization, and promotion.

Teresa Carbajal Ravet, M.A. specializes in development and implementation of community outreach programs with the diverse Latino communities, including social & community awareness initiatives. Teresa works with organizations to create programs that promote the organizations’ image in a positive and community-oriented way. Sententia Vera organizes internal and external events, fairs, and other community events to introduce the organization to diverse communities.

Sententia Vera, LLC endeavors to provide culturally relevant, genuine communication with its bilingual transcreations, translations, localization, content writing, editing, and literary project promotion. It strives to engage the diverse Latino market, bilingual Hispanics, the Spanish-speaking population, and the acculturated English-speaking demographic.

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New Local Business to Open Spring 2017

Cultural Hub with Indie Bookshop + CoWorking Space

Dripping Springs, TX, January 12, 2017– Dripping Springs resident buys local community treasure and first green commercial building in the Hill Country, the Sunset Canyon Pottery property. Teresa Carbajal Ravet, Dripping Springs resident of twelve years, purchased the commercial property at 4002 E. Highway 290, Dripping Springs, Texas. Ms. Carbajal Ravet is a bilingual communication professional, independent bookseller, and entrepreneur, managing the project to renovate the property into a Cultural Hub. The Sententia Vera Cultural Hub will be a community center with an independent bookshop, coffee bar, and coworking space for Hill Country residents, entrepreneurs, and commuting professionals. It looks forward to a Spring 2017 Grand Opening.

“I look forward to forming and fostering new relationships with the diverse Dripping Springs and Hill Country communities. At this time, I am grateful for a successful commercial agreement with a talented and inspiring businesswoman, Bridget Hauser, who with her husband, Bill Hauser, built an amazing green structure and cultivated an artistic community space full of positive energy.”

~ Teresa Carbajal Ravet

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Sententia Vera Cultural Hub COMING Spring 2017


Thank you for welcoming Sententia Vera Cultural Hub as a member of the Hill Country, Texas. We welcome you to join our cultural newsletter to keep up with the latest on our future move into new digs!

We are happy and excited to open our doors in Spring 2017 to share and participate in the local Dripping Springs community!

Sententia Vera Cultural Hub is a community space for cultured bibliophiles, coffee aficionados, and innovative entrepreneurs. It’s a place to find your next unexpected read, burst through your wildest dreams, and savor java from one of Austin’s renown coffee roasters.

¡Bienvenidos to Sententia Vera Cultural Hub!

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Capital City A&M Club | The Austin Ags

Reveille Group Distinguished Speaker Series


Grant Birdwell (top), David Perez (bottom)

Last Friday, October 21, I attended the Austin Ags’ Reveille Distinguished Speaker Series luncheon. Hosted at The Headliners Club with its remarkable skyline view of downtown Austin, CCAMC President, David Perez ‘02, welcomed the day’s distinguished speaker, Grant Birdwell ’00. The Distinguished Speaker Series “invites business and civic leaders to engage with [the CCAMC] membership on professional topics. Speakers draw upon their experiential knowledge as they engage in relevant, inspirational, and informative discussions.” Grant Birdwell was no exception, his talk on Unorthodox Strategic Partnerships was timely, motivating one’s ideas on collaborative efforts to expand the thought and creation of nontraditional partnerships.

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Make National Voter Registration Day one of your favorite national holiday!

nvrd-social-graphics-01-300x225With so many important elections being held, millions of people, including me, are registering to vote today on National Voter Registration Day, September 27.

National Voter Registration Day was first started for the 2012 presidential election. It has now become an annual holiday and celebration when thousands of people ensure our family, friends and neighbors are registered to vote.

I’m sharing this information with you because I am committed to helping spread the vote. You can visit to register to vote and to find ways to get involved and help celebrate #VoterRegistrationDay! Or as a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar, I am happy to come to you and register you in person! All you have to do is hit me up!

Hundreds of events across the USA are also being planned for National Voter Registration Day 2016. Check out today’s events around Greater Austin. Continue Reading

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  • Testimonials

    Maritza Fitzgerald

    "Teresa is professional, creative, and detailed oriented, she has on every occasion provided us with constructive recommendations." "She creates a perfect balance between her skill for recognizing and respecting the creative aspects of our project with her intuition for when and how to contribute."

    Maritza Fitzgerald Children's Bilingual Writer

    Charlotte Gullick

    “Teresa proved herself to be the best of community partners for Austin Community College’s Big Read program in 2010. She brought fantastic ideas, timeliness, and good cheer to all interactions; her work helped support a variety of local authors. A delight to work with.”

    Charlotte Gullick Consultant, Smarter Learning Group

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