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The local coffeehouse has been a gathering place in which locals purchase their beloved cup of coffee and favorite pastry, as well as a meeting place and a brainstorming spot for creative entrepreneurs. In short, the local coffeehouse was the original coworking space.

Sententia Vera CoWorking Community is a coworking space in the Hill Country of Central Texas that aims to provide the entrepreneur, contractor, and telecommuter with a working space in a supporting community. Sententia Vera’s Coworking Community is a shared professional environment supporting entrepreneurs, freelancers/contractors, and work-at-home professionals, in their goal to work in an inclusive, collaborative, and creative environment, while also having the benefit of a quiet and private space.

As a shared coworking community, Sententia Vera offers its members shared resources and ideas, and the exchange of consulting services between members to bring fresh ideas to business branding, marketing, development, public engagement, and certifications.

In addition, its public and private events, as well as professional development workshops, will cover innovative business development and management to build capacity and skill among its members. As its primary goal to advocate for the entrepreneur, contractor/freelancer, commuter, and working mother, SV’s Coworking Community supports taking business acumen to the next level and building success with a flexible schedule and competitive pricing.

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  • Testimonials

    Ian Pollard

    On the motivation to study a foreign language… Mostly I was motivated by my personal relationships/friendships with my Spanish teachers throughout Waldorf [Education]. They were always people who inspired and challenged me.

    Ian Pollard Student at the University of Texas at Austin

    MBE/WBE Certified

    Happy Thanksgiving

    2016 has been a year of harsh challenges and blatant alarms, a year of awakening for most and reawakening of others. 2017 may look even bleaker for some, if not most. Sententia Vera Hub is grateful for its will and spirit, and its energy and perseverance, as it works to create a safe space for its community to transform, recompose, and strengthen its mission to foster healthy communication and engagement between languages and cultures, creating an active dialogue that values and respects the diversity in the other.

    Sententia Vera is grateful for multiculturalism as a free and active participant in the global community and the inclusion of all its members. Most importantly, it is grateful that you are a part of this community! Thank you!


    2016 ha sido un año de retos ásperos y alarmas evidentes, un año de despertamiento para muchos y un nuevo despertamiento para otros. 2017 promete ser aún más desapacible para otros, sino para la mayoría. Sententia Vera Hub agradece su voluntad y espíritu, y su energía y perseverancia, en su trabajo para crear un espacio sano y salvo para que su comunidad pueda transformar, recomponer y fortalecer su misión de fomentar la comunicación y relaciones saludables entre idiomas y culturas, creando un diálogo vivo que valora y respeta la diversidad del otro.

    Sententia Vera agradece el multiculturalismo como un participante libre y vigente de la comunidad global y la inclusión de todos sus miembros. Aún más importante, ¡agradece que eres parte de ésta comunidad! ¡Gracias!

    ¡Feliz día de acción de gracias!

    City of Austin Small & Minority Business Resources Department

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